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We Make Your Car Better

Experienced Mechanics

Quality Service

Affordable Prices

Chris P. WA

Very reasonably priced.  Dropped off a very dirty Prius, picked up a like-new-looking car.  Excellent attention to detail and communication about pricing and status.

Lauren C, HI

I went to multiple places to get my car battery replaced and I was quoted an excessive amount. Naoth Automotive was able to replace my battery for a great price and in under 20 minutes! Great place!

Rickie P, WA

Bought a car for my wife and the brakes felt like they really needed to be stepped on hard to slow down. They were able to inspect the vehicle and specify exactly what needed to be done. They were honest and informative. My wife and I saved money and they were able to get the job done fast. The brakes feel amazing and I couldn't be more happy with the results. OEM factory replacement parts and genuine mechanics that won't try to rip you off. I highly recommend servicing your vehicle at Naoth Automotive. Thanks Benson and Jun!
We Believed In Restoration, Not Replacement.

NAOTH , pronounce as "Nay~Oath"; means to fix or restore something. We believes and understands many automobile has its own intrinsic values that's not easily replaceable. So we work hard to keep its best originality form, and keep it running on the road.

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